Super Smash Flash 5

Super Smash Flash 5 – the most recent and the most awesome version of the greatest fighting game developed by Mcleod. Even though that the origianl idea of the game was stolen from the Super Smash Bros – a video game for nintendo, the developer did a great job working on mechanics and physics of the game. The final version of the Super Smash Flash 5 offers player more than 30 characters which are famous all over the world. You can discover the legendary Mario and his brother Luigi, Pikachu from Pokemons, sonic and a lot of other characters. The world of Super Smash Flash 2 was also upgraded, now you can enjoy a lot of new maps and levels.

The control of Super Smash Flash 5 are easy, it generally is composed of 8 tricks. The instructions controls (Up, down, right and also left), the punch/use thing switch, the character’s unique ability button, Esc ( getaway, to cancel or stop) as well as Enter/Return switch(to accept the selected choice, select personalities, teams and also stages). All these switches can be reassigned with your very own tricks in the control setups.
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